How the internet helped me create a BJJ instructional

keeping the guard dvd

So my very first digital product was released by BJJ Fanatics recently. So I’m going to leave the link here.  So the team over at BJJFANATICS reached out to me to do a video with them. After winning the 2018 Abu Dhabi East Cost trials.  Since I live Sweden and BJJFANATICS is based out of the US. I knew that it would be a while before I would be filming. So I used this time to my advantage in helping

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Transitioning from no gi to gi

I’ve been training a lot of no gi and wrestling lately. It could be for a few days or even weeks but there is still a little adjustment period in which I feel off transitioning from my no gi game back to my gi Jiu Jitsu game. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in the gi. Unable to move as freely as I would like. Other times I forget that my opponent can use my own gi to attack me.

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