How to escape side mount against a 300 plus lbs purple belt

Today we take a look at recomposing your guard. The best scenario is to recompose as your opponent is trying to pass and then re-establishing your guard again. However, if you let your opponent demolish your defenses and begin to settle into the side mount. You are in for a very tough battle. Key points include maintaining your arm frames and knowing when a position is settled. Meaning knowing when your guard is no longer viable and also when your

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Developing your guard to the next level

Playing guard for a beginning student isn’t easy. In fact, starting a new activity or study comes with a lot of trial and error. In Jiu Jitsu, that means a lot of tapping. From Giving feedback: Getting feedback from training partners and instructors is an important aspect in the life of a martial artist. Feedback is how we correct holes in our games. Feedback is how we help our training partners get better. Feedback keeps us honest and humble. I

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