Thoughts before a competition

Just finished competing at the first major tournament of the year. The IBJJF European Championship. My results didn’t go the way I wanted them too. But as I often tell my readers. We can learn a lot from our tournament experience. We can’t control what happens on the day of the competition. No one can. But we can control our actions and thoughts leading up to our event and what we do after the competition. For this post, I decided

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White Belt Mindset

My friend Sam has written a lot about the beginner mindset. If you have the time I definitely recommend reading up on this topic. I bring this up because in a lot of my post I talk about the white belt mindset. In fact they are one and the same. Having this mindset has helped me so much during my travels. Especially during my current stay in Japan. Not only am I a beginner in wrestling. But I’m also a

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