Martial Arts Business Blunders

I had a really cool article about guard development that I was really excited to post. But sometimes things happen or events occur that warrant me addressing them. If you guys know me in real life. I make it a point to talk to and to keep in contact with the owners of the academies that I meet. Even if it’s just in passing. You can learn a lot about the martial arts business from the ones that are savvy.

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Private Lessons

It’s funny but the majority of my posts come from conversations or questions that I get asked. A lot questions about making it in Jiu Jitsu How to make money in Jiu Jitsu? How can you do Jiu Jitsu full time? There are lots of ways to make money in Jiu Jitsu. Maybe I will do a later series of posts covering some of the other sources of income available to athletes and instructors. Obviously, the majority of Jiu Jitsu

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Bringing in 2017

2017 is quickly approaching and as with each new year this brings with it a rush of new potential clients looking for help in achieving their fitness, personal growth, and life goals. This time of year can really set the pace for the rest of your 2017. Whether your academy will see real growth (in member numbers and gross income) or if you will continue to just get by. I won’t lie. Most Jiu Jitsu academies ignore the potential that

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