Lasso Guard Basics

shallow lasso

Recently I posted on Reddit last week covering the different guard transitions that I use in tournaments which you can check out here and one big topic of interest was the lasso.  The lasso is a pretty broad term for throwing one of your legs on your opponents arm or shoulder while they’re trying to pass.  I know there’s more to it but we need a working definition.  Any way there are two main lasso positions.  There is the shallow

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Studying Jiu Jitsu

One question that I get asked about a lot. Usually by blue belts. Is how much do I study Jiu Jitsu outside of the mats. I’ve had different stances on this topic over the years and really my views have evolved as my level and knowledge of Jiu Jitsu has grown. There are different ways of studying Jiu Jitsu. Way too many to categorize and to write about. But there are two major concepts that can help make your study

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