Confidence on your feet

This post was originally about the similarities between Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Not just the surface level similarities like the techniques or the cauliflower ears. There is a lot built in to wrestling naturally that I think benefits Jiu Jitsu. That wrestling mindset to never give up. The level of grit. Perseverance These are all things that I think of when I think of wrestlers. But then I started writing more from a beginners mind. Someone with no knowledge of

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Instructor Progression

I’m currently embarking on my next adventure in Japan. Over the next next few months I’m going to be traveling. Competing and teaching seminars. There’s a lot that goes into getting to this point and today I’m going to break down the progression that one might take to make this a career or not. Being a full-time instructor is often not a straight path. In fact, many of the instructors that I know started in other fields. But then made

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Modern Sponsorships

gear sponsor gi bag

I was recently introduced to a newer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brand called Enois. Founded by David Telfer who trains out of Robot Fight and Fitness in Santa Monica. I already have a long running relationship with a well know brand but I was happy to promote some athletes that I knew would be great brand ambassadors. Between contacting all the athletes, writing recommendation letters, and trying to gauge their interest in being sponsored. I realized that there was a lot

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