Graduating Students

It’s that time of year when many academies begin their graduation ceremonies. Awarding hard working students and celebrating their triumph. As a student, reaching the next belt level is an important step in your journey. Not only does it mark your progression in skill but also several milestones in your life. Getting that promotion at work. Graduating from school. Getting married. Even those student that care less about ranks and belts still care. When you put so much of yourself

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Alec Baulding Versus Cyborg

This is a topic that’s hard for many athletes to talk about it. We put so much hard work into achieving our goals but sometimes we end up falling short. I’ve seen people handle losing in different ways. The humble ones are able to acknowledge their loss(es) and learn from their mistakes which I think is the best possible action. While others might not handle losing so well. Rio 2016 If you were watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio, there

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Confidence on your feet

This post was originally about the similarities between Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Not just the surface level similarities like the techniques or the cauliflower ears. There is a lot built in to wrestling naturally that I think benefits Jiu Jitsu. That wrestling mindset to never give up. The level of grit. Perseverance These are all things that I think of when I think of wrestlers. But then I started writing more from a beginners mind. Someone with no knowledge of

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