The basics of the x-guard

The x-guard is a great position. I just posted a video going over the basics of the x-guard on YouTube. Please go check it out and give it a like —-> Here And let me know in the comments what gives you the hardest time. In my video, I break down the three major types of x guards: the modified x, single leg x, and the traditional x guard. The modified x guard is the easiest to get to from

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The power of the introductory lesson

An introductory lesson, or intro private for short is probably the greatest marketing tool at the disposal of every martial arts academy. Small or large. Back in the old days, there was this shark tank mentality of putting all of the students together. Both beginner and advance. And letting them duke it out. Where only the toughest and most dedicated would survive and become members. This weeding out process is probably why most Jiu Jitsu academies didn’t make it. They

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