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Developing your back game

I wanted to go more in-depth in my back control series on YouTube. For the sake of time – I try to avoid spending too much time going over the techniques that I show – my analytics shows that the average viewer spends around 2 to 3 minutes viewing any of my videos. So I thought that this longer form would be a great addition for readers. In a normal class setting, I am able to answer the various questions

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Studying Jiu Jitsu

One question that I get asked about a lot. Usually by blue belts. Is how much do I study Jiu Jitsu outside of the mats. I’ve had different stances on this topic over the years and really my views have evolved as my level and knowledge of Jiu Jitsu has grown. There are different ways of studying Jiu Jitsu. Way too many to categorize and to write about. But there are two major concepts that can help make your study

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Level up with Positional Sparring

positional sparring is great

Positional sparring or specific training is probably where I spend the bulk of my time training. When you first start out. Any amount of rolling will help you get better. You will get stronger, faster, leaner, and tougher. But after a certain point. Simply rolling alone won’t help you improve. One thing I’ve noticed with the students that I teach and many higher belts is that they often only rely on their A game. That means they only roll with

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