Playing De La Riva Guard with out putting stress on your knees

The De La Riva guard is one of the most popular and useful guards positions. That being said the position can put a lot of stress and strain on your De La Riva knee. Especially if your opponent tries to push your De La Riva hook out while your also trying to sweep. A great alternative is to control the ankle or pant leg grip and instead of placing your De La Riva hook, you can just use your shin/knee

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How to escape side mount against a 300 plus lbs purple belt

Today we take a look at recomposing your guard. The best scenario is to recompose as your opponent is trying to pass and then re-establishing your guard again. However, if you let your opponent demolish your defenses and begin to settle into the side mount. You are in for a very tough battle. Key points include maintaining your arm frames and knowing when a position is settled. Meaning knowing when your guard is no longer viable and also when your

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Defending the stack pass from spider lasso

I’m wearing the no gi attire in this video but I had a student ask me how to defend against the stack pass while playing an open guard like the spider lasso. Its important that you understand your guard positions well enough to know what your opponent will try to attempt because that will make your defense that much sharper. Of course, we can still get caught off guard. But it will allow us to have a guide as to

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