The progression of suckage

Jiu jitsu is hard and you will suck for a long time. There I said it 😆.  I’m serious, Jiu Jitsu is a hard art form  to pick up. Because it has lots of weird movements that will take your body time to adjust too as well as just the over all skill set you will need to become proficient in before you can even have an idea of what you’re doing.   In the beginning, you can kind of brute force your

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Anxiety and pressure from the warm ups in training

I think this really depends on the instructor.  If your academy does the traditional running warm up then you are out of luck. You will just have to practice those movements until they feel more natural.  Definitely get your rolls (forward and backwards) and shrimping down since they are super important.  I actually hate doing warm ups like this. I mean they are great for getting students warmed up and especially for beginners.  And I know I might trigger a

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Learning how to relax in training

Many students are way too tense.  It’s a big reason why newer students tend to gas out when they first start training.  I think a lot of it is due to the gi. Because you’re always in a state of grabbing and pulling or grabbing and pushing.  I’ve noticed from others and myself as well, that we’re usually not breathing during those movements.  Which leads to my biggest point. Jiu jitsu is so anaerobic that if you don’t take small

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